About Us

We are a family that has been committed to teaching for a long time and therefore were able to choose a very competent and dedicated school staff, whose daily action is always according to the school values.

We are an institution that focus on students and that is proud of the results we achieve by working with them, helping them to be better citizens by preparing them well for the big challenges they are going to face in the future.
We are a school which has always been ahead of its time, although we do never forget or neglect our human beliefs, which have always been our basis.
We are an institution which is neither too small nor too big, but with size enough to enable us to treat everybody by their own name.
We are SIGEA, this is us, equal but different!
If you haven’t met us yet, it’s more than time to meet us. Pay us a visit!

Our mission...

Our students are always our priority and we work, every single day, together with their parents and family, so that they can succeed not only as good professionals but also as a person and also so that they can contribute actively and positively to the society they are integrated in. Our school staff dedicate themselves entirely, on a daily basis, to our students bearing in mind the present, but looking at the future to achieve a humanist education of excellence, where ethics and values are essential.

It is our school priority:

  • To create and consolidate a close and constant relationship between School and Family;
  • To form conscious students and active and critical citizens, by giving them the possibility to interact with the surrounding local community;
  • To educate for excellency and academic rigour, by providing a global and high quality education;
  • To promote learning and new findings through different educational experiences, always with different subjects involved;
  • Throughout these more than sixty years, many students, parents, teachers and staff members have been part of our school, leaving a permanent mark for those who followed.

In SIGEA students learnt their ABCs and numbers, to have a critical and creative mind, but, above all, to be hardworking, respectful and sympathetic men and women and good citizens.
Whatever religion, beliefs, social status or race, our main goal is to help each individual find their strengths to be successful. This is the reason why we give our best every single day.
Isto é o que nos motiva no nosso trabalho diário.

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