3rd Cycle

At this stage of the learning process, students are already teenagers who are, therefore, adapting to constant physical, emotional and intellectual changes and that is why school and family particular and closer attention to them is of major importance at this age.

It is now that they start making decisions and become more responsible for them, either when they select their friends or decide on the way they truly want to spend and make the most of their time, both at school and outside. It is also now that their values and the way they see themselves and others is even more important.

For those reasons, we believe that students should be given more autonomy and consciousness of what they are expected to do in the future by participating in activities that will promote the achievement of these goals.

Pedagogical diversity and the discussion of national and international issues are for us of major importance because that is the best way to prepare our students to become active citizens in the society they are part of. Trying to reach each student’s needs, inside and outside the classroom, is therefore a priority for us.

By enabling each student to develop their own ways of learning and interacting, we are giving them the chance to be more creative and active, helping them grow their sense of responsibility.

As for the different school subjects we offer in 3rd cycle, there is a second foreign language, Criatividade & Inovação; Projeto em Ação and Cidadania e Desenvolvimento.

The second foreign language taught at our school is French;

Criatividade & Inovação (in years 7 and 8) is intended for students to develop their creativity and problem solving methods by the challenges they have to give answer to;

Projeto em Ação (like in years 5 and 6) enables them to keep on developing different ways of structuring and presenting different types of works about varied subjects;

Cidadania e Desenvolvimento, taught by their head teacher, which is a school subject to help students become more active citizens by promoting several debates about current issues and projects in which they are asked to share ideas and cooperate with each other.

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