Educational Project

Colégio D. Luísa Sigea believes in a humanistic philosophy where the student is the centre of everything.

For that reason, our students are active participants in their own growing by continuously discovering the world around them. This growth should be understood as full development of all their skills, ways of acting, moral values and knowledge.

The only way to achieve this is by keeping a close relationship between Family and School.

What are our main goals?

  • To help build human beings as a whole, preparing them to be good citizens;
  • To educate with accuracy, quality and responsibility;
  • To value the work, merit, effort, discipline, organisation, responsibility and critical thinking;
  • To strongly and coherently educate students showing respect for different people, preparing them to live in a democratic society;
  • To encourage students to be the best persons they can, by helping them grow their self-confidence.


  • By choosing a permanent and dynamic working team;
  • By believing in a differentiating, active and student-centred pedagogy;
  • By constantly and carefully evaluating the school necessities, always bearing in mind quality improvement.

What kind of students do we wish to help grow?

  • Methodical and interested;
  • Respectful and responsible;
  • Capable of developing a good relationship with teachers, schoolmates and school staff;
  • Participative, solidary and cooperative.

Curriculum Development Project

The Curriculum Development Project, as an important regulation document, enables us to apply the established orientations provided by the Ministry of Education, defining our own pedagogical options, through Decreto-Lei n.º 55/2018, 6th July, Decreto-Lei n.º 152/2013, 4th November and by Portaria n.º 59/2014, 7th March, applying the last two to Ensino Particular e Cooperativo.
The Curriculum Development Project, based on the principles established by our school Educational Project together with our humanist philosophy, is, therefore a tool to apply the Educational Project, by adapting the national curriculum orientations to our reality and defining each year a theme to be worked across by all the school community. Thus, from Kindergarten up to 3rd cycle, students are invited to think over and develop different types of work according to the Curriculum Development Project and through the strategies each teacher defines in order to put it into practice.

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