2nd Cycle

After their first steps in the learning process, our students are now challenged to find the will to learn more. At this stage, teachers are committed to help students develop the ability to learn by themselves and therefore get more responsible for their own learning process.

We believe that this particular stage of learning is essential to the student’s personal and academic future as it is now that characteristics like responsibility, independence and autonomy are being developed through the overcoming of growth obstacles.

We strongly believe in the importance of increasing their critical ability, that’s why we give them the chance to individually evaluate different situations, always bearing in mind the respect for others.

Considering that at this age students are more aware of the world around them, we provide activities that involve them in the surrounding community so that they can become active citizens in the future.

According to Decreto-Lei n.º 55/2018 and Perfil dos Alunos à Saída da Escolaridade Obrigatória, we have included as new school subjects Projeto em Ação, Expressão Dramática, Apoio ao Estudo de Inglês and Cidadania e Desenvolvimento.

In Projeto em Ação students are asked to develop different types of interdisciplinary projects, using varied research methods and ways of organising and presenting information with the purpose of developing both their autonomy and oral presentation skills.

Concerning Expressão Dramática, we strongly believe that education through art is very important to develop personal and social skills.

2nd cycle students also have an extra English class per week (Apoio ao Estudo de Inglês), with a small number of students per session, where they practise and develop their speaking skills, which are of major importance as far as a foreign language learning is concerned. Finally, there is Cidadania e Desenvolvimento, taught by their head teacher, which is a school subject to help students become more active citizens by promoting several debates about current issues and projects in which they are asked to share ideas and cooperate with each other.

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