1st Cycle

Keeping up the search for a global and balanced growth of the students, our school promotes the integrated development in the cognitive, personal, social, artistic, affective and civic areas.

1st cycle was, not long ago, the first stage – and unique for some – of the formal learning process and therefore it is for us a crucial phase. We cannot forget that 1st cycle is of primary importance for the future of their learning and that’s why we strongly work so that our children acquire the basic knowledge and develop elementary skills at this stage.
Having the student as the centre of the learning process, in which each child is a unique and different being, although not forgetting the importance of the sense of belonging to a group, we assume ourselves as the ones who help students potentiate their abilities by respecting and valuing their needs and interests.
Bearing in mind the relevance of this time of their lives, in which children are still developing their emotional structure, it is one of our main concerns to create a good learning environment in the classroom, so that students can grow up healthily at all levels: personally, socially and cognitively.
Never forgetting the huge importance of affection in learning, we invest in the academic formation of our students, giving major importance to the learning of Portuguese and Maths, namely writing and mental calculous training. The other studying areas, Estudo do Meio (a mix of Science and History), English, Arts, Physical Education and Technology are not considered accessory, but essential in the global formation of our students.
Besides the importance given to interdisciplinarity of all knowledge areas, through 1st cycle we also try to prepare our students for the next level, 2nd cycle, by promoting their autonomy and responsibility.

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