With over than 60 years of experience, Colégio D. Luísa Sigea has kept its values, which have always been the solid foundations of its growth, evolving according to our society’s transformations and also the technical and pedagogical evolutions that took place in the second half of the 20th century and the first decades of 21st century.

Founded in 1956, thanks to the strong will of its founder, Hermínio Simões de Almeida (1920-2004) and his constant and precious companion, Isabel Simões, who through her discretion, kindness, insight and fighting spirit has definitely contributed to the life of the members of the SIGEA community.
Hermínio Simões, known for his good performance as a teacher, was invited to teach and give support in the management of Colégio A Padroeira de Portugal, becoming a member at first, but eventually acquiring the whole building, which enabled him to found a new school, in the same building, which is known up to our days as Colégio D. Luísa Sigea.
At its beginnings, the school had about 58 students who could choose between boarding or semi boarding school format. Since then it has grown and has more than 200 students at present and is a reference not only for its quality and success concerning academic services, but also for its humanistic spirit and familiar environment.
In 1986 Hermínio Simões decided to share the school management with his two daughters, Ana Simões Beja and Luísa Simões Bolota, who are the school directors up to today.
Our school was granted Paralelismo Pedagógicoin 1999 and Autonomia Pedagógica in 2014. These were important marks in the history of our institution and its growth but they were only possible due to its good functioning throughout the years.
According to its values and the quality of its work, Sigea has received several public awards.

Other areas of major importance are:

  • The several solidarity projects in which our school gets involved and participates in every year which state a difference for our students;
  • The many school trips that have taken place and the projects developed by our teachers and students, which make learning more relevant and fun;
  • The conferences with guests of known importance as far as Portuguese Education is concerned, providing exchange of ideas between parents, students and all the surrounding educational community.

We believe in and highly value our history and tradition, but we strongly invest in the education of the future!

Now that you know us better