Colégio D. Luísa Sigea is an inclusive school as we defend that everyone must have the opportunity to learn and so we try to respond to the needs and capabilities of each student, valuing and promoting diversity and equality as far as the curriculum is concerned. We also offer a Learning Centre, according to Decreto-Lei n.º 54/2018.

In the Learning Centre, where you can find both human and physical resources, we try to adapt our methods to each student’s learning process, by trying to find ways to deal with each particular situation and enabling these students to learn and participate in all the school activities. Some students have severe learning difficulties and this group of teachers identifies those difficulties and tries not only to find strategies to overcome them but also to potentiate their natural abilities.
Besides promoting the equal access to all activities, it is also in the Learning Centre that teachers adapt the curriculum to these students’ specific needs, by preparing a Relatório Técnico-Pedagógico, which not only states the necessary adaptations to the curriculum, but also the different activities these students should participate in so that they can be better prepared for their future jobs. The Learning Centre also supports the teachers that work with these students by providing training sessions and adapting working and evaluation materials.

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